House of Lords (Ikonia)

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House of Lords
of the Kingdom of Ikonia
His Majesty's Royal Government
Coat of arms or logo
Lord Speaker
since 24 April 2021
Leader of the House
since 24 April 2021
Length of term
At His Majesty's pleasure or resignation
Meeting place
  • 1 Uvenia Street (de jure)
  • Official Discord server (de facto)
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The House of Lords[a] (commonly shortened to as the Lords) is the upper house and secondary chamber of the Government of the Kingdom of Ikonia. Like the lower house, the House of Commons, it meets in the official Discord server.

The Lords is an chosen body of peers of the realm consisting of 6 members known as Lords. They are chosen to scrutinize, debate, and approve or deny new acts for the Kingdom from the Commons to forward the development of the Kingdom's growing interest in laws.

The House of Lords originated as the Privy Council, established on 24 April 2021. The Privy Council served as an advisory body to the Monarch on all matters.

List of members

Royal Family Governmental figures Foreign head of states Other
Individual Appointed Roles/reasons
The Duke of Nikodemia 7 March 2019 Prime Minister of Ikonia (October 2018-November 2018)
Ministry of Treasury (21 October 2018)
His Hon. Haida Allen KD OH OM 7 March 2019 Supreme Judge (26 October 2018)
Chief of the General Staff
The Rt Hon. Charles Kirby OH 7 March 2019 Air Chief Marshal (6 March 2019)
Sir Julio Matos MC 11 April 2019 Captain General (10 April 2019)
Sir Saba Bagheri MC 23 April 2019 High Commissioner of Mandatory Rishania (11 January 2019 – 25 April 2019)
Chief of the General Staff (13 January 2019)
The Duke of Crystal 23 April 2019 Chief of Police (7 April 2019)
The Duke of Kinderry 21 April 2021 Captain (2 April 2021)


  1. Formally: "“His Majesty's Most Honourable Lords of the Kingdom of Ikonia in Parliament assembled"