Order of the Caribbean

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Order of the Caribbean
Awarded by the

Sovereign of the Caribbean
TypeDouble grade Order
Motto"For the caribbeans, and the unity between them"
EligibilityCaribbeans; also, foreigners may be given honorary membership
Awarded forOutstanding distinction
  • Sovereign - SOTC
  • Knight - KOTC
  • Dame - DOTC
Next (higher)Highest
Next (lower)None

Ribbon of the order

The Order of the Caribbean is the only order in the Dominion of the Caribbean. The Order was established in 2019, and it is considered the equivalent of a knighthood in the Ikonian honours system.

Membership in the Order can be conferred upon any Caribbean citizen of outstanding distinction. Honorary membership in the Order can be conferred upon any distinguished citizen of a country other than the Caribbean or Ikonia.

Members and Honorary Members are entitled to:

  • wear the insignia of the Order as a decoration,
  • be styled "The Honourable",
  • use the post-nominal letters "KOTC" or "DOTC" (for Knights and Dames) or "KOTC (Hon.)", "DOTC (Hon.)" (for Honorary Members).

The motto of the Order is "For the caribbeans, and the unity between them".


Country Pre-nominals Name Post-nominals Invested Grade
Caribbean His Majesty Abrams I None[1] 30 April 2019 Sovereign
 Caribbean The Honourable Haida Allen KOTC 1 May 2019 Knight


  1. Monarchs do not receive post-nominals