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Ancellotta, Ikonia
  City of Ikonia  
Provisional City of Ancellotta


Motto: Ancellotta, we announce!
Country Ikonia
Established 12 July 2019
 - Type Representative provisional city
 - Chief Representative Jose Lopez
Population (2020)
 - Total 2
Time zone Ikonian (IST)

Ancellotta is a city in the Kingdom of Ikonia. It is currently governed by Jose Lopez, and was the second city founded in Ikonia.


The area now comprising Ancellotta was, in the 21st century, part of Leander, Texas until on 12 June 2019 when it was assumed as a provisional city of the Kingdom.

It is claimed that it will gain the acquisition of an Ikonian flag from the Royal Residence, which will be hung inside the city hall.


The current administration of the city, unlike Uvenia, is governed by the Representative, Jose Lopez, they may request changes, and new laws for the city.