Orange Computers

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Orange Computers Ltd.
Founded2019 (as Enhance)
FounderAbrams I

Orange Computers (stylized in all lowercase as orange) is an Ikonian company that provides computer software, websites, video games, and general information technology services.


Previous logos
Logo of Reactive Solutons
Logo of Enhance[a]


In 2019, the company Enhance was founded by Abrams I of Ikonia. He sought to create an Ikonian computer company after review of many computer failures and other programming ventures in the Royal Residence. Enhance later rebranded to Reactive Solutions on 29 February 2019 due to an activity shock following Cameron's resignation as the Chief of Operations Officer at RainDrop Technology. Enhance was acquired by Great Blue Holdings a month after their foundation on 3 March 2019.


After 2019 and the rebranding phase, Reactive experienced a major phase of inactivity throughout 2020. The only development inside the company was the announcement of a website that said to open on 3 March 2020—the project ended up getting cancelled in the planning phase, and never came to fruition. Throughout the rest of the year, they worked on minor problems on computers within the Royal Residence.

Orange return (2021)

In 2021, Reactive Solutions sparked with activity after the development of Cameron's personal GitHub website, and work on the official website for the Kingdom of Ikonia. It was rebranded on 1 May 2021 to Orange Computers Ltd (named after the Oranges in Florida, and Orange County, Uvenia) and had their name re-registered with the Ikonia Copyright Office.[b]


  1. The old logo of Enhance bears identical resemblance to that of the Austro-Linitian company Upstairs.
  2. This is a very rare circumstance, as not only the did company rebrand, it also changed from a incorporation to a limited company; a first in Ikonian businesses.