Ikonia Copyright Office

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Ikonia Copyright Office
Ministry overview
Formed2 December 2018
JurisdictionKingdom of Ikonia
Minister responsible

The Ikonia Copyright Office is an agency of the Ministry of Information that maintains records of copyright registration in Ikonia, including a Copyright Catalog. It is used by copyright title searchers who are attempting to clear a chain of title for copyrighted works.

The head of the Copyright Office is called the Register of Copyrights. The Acting Register is Charles Kirby, who was appointed in March 2019.

Register of Copyrights

Name Entered office Left office Notes
Charles Kirby 9 March 2019 Incumbent Served throughout majority of the Territorial Era


The Ikonian government gave the former Ministry of Administration the power to enact laws establishing a system of copyrights in Ikonia. Originally, claims were recorded by His Majesty and the Supreme Judge Haida Allen.


The usage of the Copyright office is to license all images, videos and property of the Ikonian government under His Majesty's ruling. The mission of the Copyright Office is to promote creativity by administering and sustaining an effective national copyright system.

To register something as Ikonian property, you must pass through the Ikonia Copyright office, and His Majesty himself.[1]

All images made for other micronations by Ikonia are licensed under the Ikonia Copyright Office.[2]


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