Osceola (Ikonia)

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  Town of Ikonia  


Coat of arms
Motto: Thou shall not be held
Established 2 January 2019
 - Representative Abrams I of Ikonia
 - Total 0.0001214057 km2 (0 sq mi)
 - Total 0
  No one resides but the town is visited often and taken care of
Time zone IST

Osceola is a town of the Kingdom of Ikonia situated in North America.

Osceola is currently represented by the King himself, who's nickname is Osceola.

From its annexation, Osceola used to be a part of Uvenia, consisting of the front yard situated at the Royal Residence.

JISA collaboration

The space agency JISA, and specifically the Head Observer has used the town of Osceola as the main source for documentation of stars, moons, constellations, and more.