Joint International Space Administration

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Joint International Space Administration
JISA seal.svg
Flag of the Joint International Space Administration.svg
Agency overview
Formed19 January 2019
JurisdictionKingdom of Ikonia
MottoOur space is the future
Employees3 (2019)
Annual budget KYRκ;20·10 KYR (2019)
Agency executives

The Joint International Space Administration (JISA, /ˈisə/) is an intermicronational government agency of the Kingdom of Ikonia and the State of Gradonia responsible for the citizens space program, as well as aeronautics and aerospace research.


Foundation document picture

JISA was created in 2019, forming the main first NASA-type organization for micronations. An effort for the JISA was the idea of founding Administrator, Cameron I, after stumbling on MicroWiki pages for micronational space agencies. The JISA was formed along with the help of Aidan McGrath.

The new agency was to have a distinctly civilian orientation, encouraging space exploration and applications in space science. Since its establishment, most Ikonian space exploration efforts have been led by JISA.

The JISA started issuing uniforms, and patches to employees for space flight programs on which they take missions in.

Space flight programs

JISA has conducted one unmanned spaceflight programs throughout its history. Unmanned programs have yet to launch the first Ikonia drone into high enough height to see the earth's curve.

Unmanned programs

The Poseidon program is the first unmanned and only program of the JISA, and was set to take its first mission, Poseidon 1, in effect around January or February 2019 but was halted due to Aidan I's resignation.