Poseidon program

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Posedion program
Country of originIkonia
Responsible organizationJISA
PurposeUnmanned view of earth curvature
Program history
Cost$50 (2019)
Program duration2019-2019
First flightJanuary 2019
Failures1 (only flight)
Launch site(s)Backyard of Royal Residence
Vehicle information
Vehicle typeDrone
Crew capacity0 (cargo only)
Launch vehicle(s)Not launched, only propelled

The Poseidon program, also known as Project Poseidon, was the first Ikonian spaceflight program carried out by the Joint International Space Administration (JISA). The Administrator of JISA was the operator, and the Deputy Administrator provided communications between the drone and the flyer. It was first conceived during the foundation of JISA as a one-man operating a drone to seek the curvature of the earth. The Poseidon Program was later cancelled due to a failure that was not publicly documented until the dissolution of the agency, on 31 May 2020.