Heraldry in Ikonia

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Heraldry in the Kingdom of Ikonia is granted to common, noble, and royal personnel, as well as provinces, dominions, cities, towns, and marches. The Chief Officer and King of Arms for heraldry are the King. The national arms of Ikonia and the first royal arms of the House of Wiucki-Dunswed were made prior to the creation of the corporation, but are patented. All Ikonian arms are now processed through His Majesty's Heraldic Authority and sometimes, the Society of Arms.

Noble families and families of members of the Order of the Diaconus are also granted arms and the right to inherit them.

Coats of Arms

Prominent Arms in Ikonia
Coat of Arms Blazon Notes Image
National Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Ikonia. In use since 6 January 2019. Quarterly, the 1st Argent a sun carréed Azure, the 2nd, Azure, a lion rampant Argent, the 3rd Azure, a crown upon a wreath Argent, the 4th, Argent, a saltire Azure; for Supporters dexter an Angel passant proper sinister a lion rampant guardant Or langued and armed Gules royally crowned; Motto "LIBERTIE POUR IKONIE" below the Diaconus belt.
  • Royal crown representing the monarchy
  • Motto is Liberty for Ikonia in French, to emphasise the freedom of Ikonian citizens within the Kingdom.
Current coat of arms of the House of Wiucki-Dunswed. Used since 2019 Azure, a swan passant Argent standing on a knoll proper File:Shield of arms of the Wiucki-Dunswed family.svg
Current coat of arms of His Majesty's Heraldic Authority. Used since 2020 Argent, a lion sejant affronte per pale Azure and Gules holding in dexter paw an artist' pallette in sinister a paintbrush both proper, on a chief of the second a saltire of the field; for Supporters, dexter a lion rampant guardant Azure sinister a lion rampant guardant Gules; Motto "FOR BETTER, NOT FOR WORSE"
Current coat of arms of Baker Island. Used since 2020 Gules, a swan Argent gorged with a coronet Or, on a border Or eight escallops Azure; Motto "FOR THE SEA, THE LAND, AND THE SKY"
Coat of arms of the Duke of Limiport. Used since December 2020. Argent, a leaf palewise Gules; a chief counter-ermine
Coat of arms of the House of Morris (in Ikonia). Used since August 2020. Azure, a crystal surmounted by an annulet both Argent


Augmentations in Ikonian heraldry include Explications and Abatements. Both of which may be granted to an individual, but not inherited.


In Ikonia, an Augmentation of Explication, or simply an Explication of the arms, may be displayed in any fashion the Herald designs.

The explications per His Majesty's ruling:

  • the attitude of Returned

The attitude of Returned is used rarely as a way to describe a charge that is reversed and inverted (as given to someone and flipped over, therefore returning it back)


Abatement is the opposite of an Explication where the recipient has been convicted of misconduct. Abatements can only be issued by the monarch and granted by His Majesty's Heraldic Authority. All abatements are those which follow the Baustralian and Gradonian heraldry types, with extra options.

List of marks of abatements
Image Ordinary Crime
Point dexter parted tenné False/stolen valour
Gusset sanguine borne to sinister Drunkard
Point champaine tenné Punishing one's prisoner out of hand
Gore sinister tenné Cowardice in the face of the enemy
Plain point sanguine Lying to the sovereign
Delf tenné Revoking a challenge
Point in point sanguine Cowardice
Inescutcheon reversed sanguine Fleeing from the King's banner in the field
Gusset sanguine borne to dexter Adultery
Entire escutcheon inverted Treason
Toque atop a charge, crest, or supporter Childish behavior



Marks of Cadence in Ikonia apply to all descendants of an armiger. The symbols are applied to the center of arms, and can be of any tincture.

Family Member First child/Heir Second child Third child Fourth child

Mullet of six points