Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ikonia)

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry overview
Formed1 December 2018
JurisdictionKingdom of Ikonia
HeadquartersAlpha, Ikonia
Minister responsible (dead link)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the government body responsible for maintaining diplomatic relations with other nations and for representing and promoting the interests of the Kingdom of Ikonia internationally.

The current Minister of Foreign Affairs is Haida Allen. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has no child agencies.


To contact and confirm diplomacy with the Kingdom of Ikonia, the micronation must meet the Diplomatic Recognition Criteria[1] put in place by the Ministry and then contact the King through the Ikonian Postal Service.


Portrait Name Entered office Left office Notes
Abrams I 1 December 2018 8 March 2019 Served throughout majority of the Diplomatic Era
Charles Kirby 8 March 2019 22 May 2019 Served throughout majority of the Territorial Era
Abrams I 22 May 2019 4 June 2019 Assumed office after ousting of Kirby
The Marquis Wilson 4 June 2019 14 March 2020 Accepted the role in June of 2019
Haida Allen 14 March 2020 Incumbent Accepted the role after resignation of Wilson in 2019


The Kingdom claims one property at present as embassies and consulates.

The currently claimed embassies of Ikonia are:

Ambassadors and delegates

Ambassadors and consuls

Ambassadors are diplomats assigned to a sovereign state, whereas consuls-general and consuls are assigned to a specific region or city within a sovereign state. The majority of ambassadors do not have embassies over which the Ikonia has claimed extraterritoriality. The current ambassadors appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are:

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