Supreme Court of Ikonia

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Supreme Court of Ikonia
Royal coat of arms of Ikonia.svg
Established26 October 2018
Composition methodSelected by monarch
Authorized byMonarch, Constitution of Ikonia
Judge term length1 year
Number of positions1
Supreme Judge
CurrentlyThe Viscount Ford
Since26 October 2018

The Supreme Court of Ikonia (formerly known as the Ikonian Judicial Agency) is the supreme judicial agency for the Kingdom of Ikonia, they conduct court cases against felons or misdemeanors in Ikonia.

The Supreme Court of Ikonia was founded on October 26, 2018 by Cameron I, and appointed The Viscount Ford as the Supreme Judge for all court cases.


The Supreme Court of Ikonia was created on October 26, 2018 for copyright cases and infringement cases against Ikonia under the Ikonia Copyright Office.

The only court case to date was Rex v. Troy, 1st Duke of Nikodemia.