Ikonian Postal Service

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Ikonian Postal Service
Type Government-owned corporation
Industry Courier
Founded 19 October 2018
Postmaster General Jack Ryan Morris
Area Served  Ikonia
Key People Cameron I, Director-General
Since 19 October 2018
Services Letter post, parcel post, express mail,
delivery, email
Owner  Ikonia
Website Official Website
Printed 2018 series stamps of the Ikonian Postal Service

The Ikonian Postal Service is the national postal service of the Kingdom of Ikonia.

It's property of Ikonia and provides postal service through physical letters and electronic emails inside the micronation.


The postal service was founded on 19 October 2018, along with Ikonia's foundation, HM Cameron Koehler declared himself the Director-General of the postal service. On 2 August 2020, Jack Ryan Morris became Postmaster General.


2018 series

The first series of the Ikonian Postal Service stamps was created on 16 December 2018 and is designed by HM Cameron Koehler, and printed by the Treasury of Ikonia.