Royal Standard of Ikonia

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The Royal Standard of the Kingdom of Ikonia.

The Royal Standard of the Kingdom of Ikonia is the heraldic banner used by Abrams I of Ikonia in his capacity as King of Ikonia. Variations on the standard banner are used by other members of the Royal Family as their own personal arms.


Quarterly, the 1st Argent a sun carréed Azure, the 2nd, Azure, a lion rampant Argent, the 3rd Azure, a crown upon a wreath Argent, the 4th, Argent, a saltire Azure.

In quarters, the first, on white, a squared blue sun, the second, on blue, a white lion upon one paw, the third, on blue, a crown and a wreath, all white, and the fourth, on white, a blue Saltire.

The Monarch

The Royal Standard - adopted on 1 December 2018 - is divided into four quadrants. The first and fourth quadrants represent the political party and the Floridian origin; the second quadrant represents the national animal, the wolf; the third quadrant is comprised of the flag of Ikonia, such like the Imperial Standard of Austenasia.

The Royal Standard is flown when the Monarch is in residence in the Royal Residence, and on a vehicle being used by the Monarch on official journeys. The Royal Standard may only be flown at half-mast above a building or on board a boat in which the unburied body of a deceased Monarch is lying. If the monarch abdicates, the Royal Standard must be flipped upside down when flown until the new monarch ascends to the throne.

Other standards

Prince(ss)es of the royal family receive their own banner when they are born, or if a consort is found to the throne. They get variants of the Royal Standard with cadency marks received from His Majesty's Heraldic Authority. Some standards, like the Duke of Nikodemia do not follow this rule and use the Duke's personal arms instead.

Standard Member of the Royal Family Description
Royal Standard of Tyler Koehler.svg Henry Wiucki-Dunswed The Royal standard impaled with the quartered arms of the House of Koehler and Victor
Royal Standard of members of the Royal Family of Koehler.svg Other members, either non-armigerous, not of age, or do not have their own standard Edged with ermine
Royal Standard of the Duke of Nikodemia redux.svg Prince George, Duke of Nikodemia Standard comprised off personal arms

Dominion standards

Royal Standard of Ikonia.svg Flag of the Dominion of the Caribbean redux.svg
(for comparison)