Great Blue Corporation

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Great Blue Corporation
Traded asGBC
Financial services
FoundedFebruary 16, 2019
FounderCameron I
HeadquartersRoyal Residence, ,
Area served
Key people
Cameron I
(Chairman and CEO)
ProductsAsset allocation, Holdings
κ 10
Total assets K 26,426
Number of employees

Great Blue Corporation is an Ikonain multinational investment bank and financial services company headquartered in Uvenia. Great Blue Corporation is the second largest bank in Ikonia, being beaten by the Treasury of Ikonia. It currently trades with Dumais-Couleuvres Holdings and holds around 20% of the holdings of the Québécois company XTREME. Great Blue Corporation also signed a Software Development and Holdings Agreement with RainDrop Technology on 2 September 2019, giving GBC 30% of RainDrop.