Dumais-Couleuvres McGrath Holdings

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Dumais-Couleuvres McGrath Holdings
Traded asDCMH
Financial services
Founded16 February 2019 (2019-02-16)
FounderAidan McGrath
Area served
Key people
Aidan McGrath
(Chairman and CEO)
ProductsAsset allocation, Holdings
RQR₽ 1321300
Total assets RQR₽ 264260
KD$ 10000
Number of employees

Dumais-Couleuvres McGrath Holdings or Dumais-Couleuvres Holdings, is an Québécois holding company headquartered in Île à Dumais, Québec. It is the parent company of the brand Xtreme, RainDrop and JJWholesale and also formerly, Spot51 and was founded after shortly after the creation of Xtreme in late 2017. It is the 1st largest retailing company in Québec in 2019. in its beginning stages the company in 2018 under the name JJ Holdings filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the Republic of Catholiques on October 6, 2018, one day before the Blue October Revolution. It currently trades with Great Blue Holdings who holds around, 20% of the holdings of the DCMH company Xtreme.



On 6 May 2018, the management of JJ Holdings Corporation announced its intention to include Xtreme, Roebuck and Co under a new corporation.


  • North American Divison
    • Xtreme – a street-wear and skateboarding brand selling clothing a skate decks for affordable prices.
    • Simpson Sears – a chain of supermarkets and super-centers and high quality electronics.
    • Simpson Sears (Baustralia) – a chain of supermarkets and super-centers and high quality electronics.
    • RainDrop Technology – computer-software and hard-drives manufacturing.
    • Atoyot – car production and automotive parts manufacturing.
    • Dumais Airlines – a popular airline company in Quebec.
    • Petrosian Air – a sub-company of Dumais Airlines.
    • Aeroflat – a sub-company of Dumais Airlines.


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