Atoyot Automotive inc.

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FoundedLabstadt, Los Bay Petros
FounderAdriansyah Yasin Sulaeman
Number of locations
Key people
Aidan I (CEO)
Productsautomotive and car parts
ParentDumais-Couleuvres Holdings

Atoyot is an Los Bay Petrosian is an automotive and car parts company based in Île à Dumais since 2019. The company caters to modern Japanese domestic market and Sports vehicle styles, and highly inspired by European brands like, Bavarian Motor Works, Mercedes-Benz and Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili Romero, and the brand is popular with youth culture in general.

The distinctive black and blue logo with "Atoyot" is Heavy and is largely based on Japanese car company, Toyota logo.


The company was formed in Labstadt in Los Bay Petros (now defunct country), and was founded by former president, Adriansyah Yasin Sulaeman. Years after, Quebec based company,Dumais-Couleuvres Holdings bought the company and all of its assets. The company proved to be an economic success in Quebec, by selling oil to motorized vehicle owners. In automotive sector, Atoyot Automotive inc. has become the national car producer in Quebec.

Military cooperations

With recent help from the Kingdom of Quebec, Atoyot has since created an exoskeleton wire frame for soldiers. It is currently being used by the Kingdom of Quebec, however Atoyot has given the license to the Kingdom of Ikonia for them to produce the exoskeleton for their own.

Atoyot was acquired by Dumais-Couleuvres Holdings on February 22, 2019‎.

The original and common variant of the logo