Adriansyah Yasin Sulaeman

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Adriansyah Yasin Sulaeman OFR OBY OZL IOF ICO
Official portrait of Adriansyah Yasin
President of Los Bay Petros
Assumed office
October 14th 2009
Vice President Alessandro Syafei Rashid
Prime Minister of Los Bay Petros Adji Rizqi
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born May 27th 1998
Citizenship Los Bay Petrosian
Nationality Indonesian
Political party CWP
Residence Bayrschtein Capital Territory
Religion Islam - Agnostic
Military service
Nickname(s) Adrian
Allegiance Los Bay Petrosian Armed Forces
Service/branch Military Intelligence
In service 2009 -
Rank Generalissimo

Adriansyah Yasin Sulaeman (born May 27, 1998) is a micronationalist who was the first and the only president of the Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros. Adriansyah is the one of three founding fathers of Los Bay Petros who signed the New Petrovakia Treaty, the milestone of the Los Bay Petrosian foundation in October 14 2009.

Adriansyah won the first election held on October 13, 2009, prior to the declaration of the Republic, with a convincing margin of 65%. He became the first president of Los Bay Petros with the Vice-President, Adly Nurfikriansyah. The Inauguration of Adriansyah, Adly Nurfikriansyah and the other cabinet members was held on October 15 2009.


Adriansyah Yasin Sulaeman was born on May 27 1998 in Jakarta, Indonesia. His micronationalism career began in August 14, 2008, when founded the Republic of Valdezia which lasted only for a month. After Adriansyah dissolved his first micronational project, on September 2008 he made a federation with his friends named Utsman Boys Federation. UBF had 7 states (Mezilistan, Govertone, Aville, Spaintoria, Islamil, Berizine and Xirania) and had a major enemy, the LPG. A conflict between the two factions began on December 2008.

Since the establishment of Los Bay Petros, the Adriansyah's presidency was almost overthrown twice by the Los Bay Petrosian Opposition Movement. During the national uprising, the rebels attempted to take down Adriansyah as the president. This failed however, after the Los Bay Petrosian Intelligence Agency found a intel about the plans. During a second uprising, the rebels still tried to takedown Adriansyah yet failed again.

Micronational Life

Adriansyah's micronational career started on 2008 when he was inspired by Molossia and Lovely to establish a country. At that time, Adriansyah didn't know what micronationalism is, he still considered Molossia and Lovely sovereign macronations. In October 2009, Adriansyah decided to establish Los Bay Petros.

Military Career

On the November 14th 2009, president Adriansyah gained the rank of First-Class Sergeant after training in the main virtual training center of LBPAF in the early Los Bay Petros. On the 20th of November 2009, he was promoted to the rank of "Brigadier" and was finally promoted to "General" in August 2010 and inaugurated by General Faris Ramadhan.

On the period of December 2009 to August 2010, Adriansyah is the commander of Los Bay Petrosian Armed Forces. On October 2010, the NLC and LBPAF commander agreed to promoted Adriansyah to Great General.

Now, Adriansyah is the commander of the Bravo Oscar LBPAF virtual training center.



Styles of
Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman
Reference style His Excellency
Mr. President
Spoken style Your Excellency
Comradsiyy Prezidenta