Xtreme (Brand)

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FounderAidan McGrath
Number of locations
ProductsClothing, shoes, accessories, skateboards
ParentDumais-Couleuvres Holdings
Great Blue Holdings

Xtreme is an American and Québécois skateboarding shop and clothing brand. The brand caters to the skateboarding, hip hop, and rock cultures, as well as to the youth culture in general. The brand produces clothes and accessories and also manufactures skateboards. Its shoes, clothing, and accessories are also sold extensively in the secondary market.

The distinctive yellow and white logo with "Xtreme" in red in bubbled Futura Heavy Oblique is largely based on Supreme logos.


The brand was founded by Aidan McGrath. Although he was born in the Canada, he lived in United States all his life. Growing up 20 minutes from the Detroit city limits, the clothing style is inspired from the culture he grew up around.

The first Xtreme website opened on May 8 of 2018.

Xtreme was acquired by Dumais-Couleuvres Holdings on May 4, 2018

Paris collection deck, 2018.
The official Xtreme 2019 poster with Alex Jevahirian on the cover.
Common variant of the logo.

Work and collaborations

Xtreme has very few collaborations in its history with various amatur and other skateboard and fashion brands. Among their frequent collaborators include Spot 51, and unofficial collaborations include Vans, Champion


The Brand only has five micronational locations across multiple micronations. Two in Quebec, one in Baustralia and one in Kapreburg. It has been released that Xtreme plans for a new location in Kure.

The founder wants to make the company have its real first store either in Taylor, Michigan, Lincoln Park, Michigan or Downtown Detroit, Michigan.