Military Cross (Ikonia)

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Military Cross
Ribbon bar
Awarded by the

Sovereign of Ikonia
TypeChivarlic military medal with neck ribbon
Established17 November 2018
11 April 2019 (reworked)
28 March 2021 (reworked)[a]
  • Maroon
  • White
  • Light blue
EligibilityArmed Forces of Ikonia service members
  • Exceptional service, generous deeds and respect to soldiers and staff members during tenure as an officer in the Armed Forces of Ikonia
  • Foreign military service
StatusCurrently awarded
Post-nominalsCompanion (MC)
First induction17 November 2018[b]
Next (higher)Order of Merit
Next (lower)King's Police Medal

The Military Cross (post-nominal: MC) is a chivalric service medal given to troops of the Armed Forces of Ikonia. Extra bars are awarded each year of subsequent service. The Order has been given four times (including the Sovereign).


The medal is awarded to officers and non-commissioned members of the Regular and Reserve forces, including honorary appointments. The medal may be awarded to persons with foreign service, provided that the individual has completed the full qualifying periods of service for each award.


The ribbon is an red ribbon bar, with two white flanks and two light-blue lines in the center. The former designs consisted of a alternating pattern of yellow blue and white stripes, and another being a blue bar with three white stripes— that variation was heavily based off the Baustralian Forces Decoration.


Nation Pre-nominals Name Post-nominals Invested Service Reference
Ikonia His Majesty Abrams I 2018[d]
 Ikonia Sir Julio Matos MC PC 2019 Cptn. Gen. of HMM [1]
 Ikonia Lieutenant-General Saba Bagheri MC PC 2019 Chief of the Gen. Staff of HMA [1]
 Ikonia Dame Sandra Bell MC 2021 Chief of the Med. Staff of HMMB [2]
 Ikonia His Grace George Wiucki-Dunswed KD OH MC MOS KGC 2021 Dep. Chief of the Nav. Staff of HMN [2]
 American Samoa His Royal Highness Sir Paul Koehler MC 2021 Foreign Service in United States Coast Guard [1]
 Kapreburg His Majesty Jackson I 2021 Rear-admiral in HMN [3]
 Vishwamitra His Illustrious and Royal Majesty Varuna Sriraya 2021 Lt. Colonel of the 2nd Royal Reserves Regiment [3]



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  1. The Order itself has been modified numerous times, changing a new ribbon bar, flag, and other variants
  2. Awarded to Julio Matos for his dutiful service as the Captain General of His Majesty's Marines
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