His Majesty's Medical Branch

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His Majesty's Medical Branch
Emblem of His Majesty's Medical Branch1.svg
Emblem of His Majesty's Medical Branch
Founded 1 May 2019
Country  Ikonia
Role Military medicine
Part of Armed Forces of Ikonia
 His Majesty's Navy
Sub-lieutenant Sandra Bell
Red Cross Emblem Flag of the Red Cross.svg
Tactical recognition flash HMMB TRF.svg

His Majesty's Medical Branch is a personnel branch of His Majesty's Navy made up of two corps, His Majesty's Surgeons (Officer corps), and the His Majesty's Nurses (NCM corps).

Currently, there is one unit, the 1st Majestic Ambulance. It is made up of all the members of the HMMB, and can be stationed onboard naval vessels, with army units, and air command squadrons. It is commanded by Cdt. Sandra Bell.


Members of the Medical Branch wear their uniforms, though naval officers wear scarlet distinctive cloth, naval members wear a trade badge, army colonels and generals wears scarlet gorgets, and air force members wear a scarlet band on their side caps. They all wear a pin ​14 inches above their name tag, and scarlet bands on the forage cap.