His Majesty's Corps of Music

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His Majesty's Corps of Music
HMCOM emblem.svg
Emblem of His Majesty's Corps of Music
Active 2019 to Present
Country  Ikonia
Branch  His Majesty's Army
Size 3 (1 conductor, 2 players)
Motto For we shall march on in the face of death
March Army of the Nile (quick)
Preobrajensky (slow)
Conductor Cameron I
General-in-Chief Hayden Ford
Tactical recognition flash HMCOM TRF.svg
Ceremonial flag Flag of HMCOM.svg
Tabard Tabard of HMCOM.svg

His Majesty's Corps of Music (HMCOM) is a Corps of His Majesty's Army dedicated to the provision and promotion of military music, mainly through His Majesty's Fireteam of Music.


The formation of HMCOM was due to the foundation of HMFOM. It was created on 2 May 2019, and officialized by the King of Ikonia, Cameron I, on 3 May 2019.

The home of the corps was established at Alpha, due to Hayden Ford's residence being there.

The Corps is currently constructed of 3 members, as listed -

  • Cameron I - Conductor
  • Hayden Ford - Lt. Gen
  • Karlos Fehrman - Cadet

Bands of the Corps

The former bands of the corps are:



Troops of His Majesty's Corps of Music wear one uniform, but are regulated outfits. Troops may wear ribbon bars from orders, decorations, and awards they have received in Ikonia, and a nametag. International orders are banned for being on uniform during a ceremony. The Conductor (Commander-in-chief), wears only one uniform, with only two decorations, a red bowtie, and a red beret with the HMCOM badge on it. A name tag is not supplied.