Chief of Defense Staff (Ikonia)

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Chief of Defense Staff
AFOI flag v2.svg
Flag of Armed Forces of Ikonia
Lt. Gen Hayden Ford

since 13 January 2019
Armed Forces of Ikonia
Formation10 January 2019
First holderKareem Risha (was never enlisted in the army, de facto)

The Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) is the first most senior member of the Armed Forces of Ikonia, and the professional head of His Majesty's Army having primary responsibility for command, control, and administration of the air force, as well as military strategy, plans, and requirements. The position is usually held by a Lt. Gen or higher in His Majesty's Army. The current CDS, since 2 May 2019, is Lt. Gen Hayden Ford.

Rank insignia

The rank insignia of the CGS is of a cadet in His Majesty's Army.

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Lt. Gen