Knighthood (Ikonia)

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Knighthood insignia
A ribbon bar of a Knighthood
Awarded by the

Sovereign of Ikonia
Awarded forPublic service, at the discretion of the Monarch
StatusCurrently constituted
SovereignKing Abrams I
Knight PrincipalThe Duke of Nikodemia
Next (higher)Baronet
Next (lower)Lowest

A Knighthood is the first basic rank that can be granted to a man in Ikonia who has been knighted by the monarch but not inducted as a member of one of the organised orders of chivalry; it is a part of the Ikonian honors system. Knights (someone who receive a Knighthood) rank below knights of chivalric orders. A man who is knighted is formally addressed as "Sir [First Name] [Surname]", and his wife as "Lady [Surname]". They may also adopt the post-nominal "Kt", but forfeit the ability to receive the prefix of "Sir", and subsequently forfeit their wife's "Lady" title. As of 28 March 2021, it has only been awarded once.


Nation Pre-nominals Name Post-nominals Invested Service Reference
Ikonia His Majesty Abrams I 2019[a] [1]
 United States Sir Quiggley James 2019 Education [2]
Carthia Sir Corvin 2021 Comedy [1]
 Essexia Sir Jack Dean KCM 2021 Diplomacy [1]
 Ikonia Sir Ethan Laborde 2021 Comedy [1]


  1. Fount of honour


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