His Majesty's Police

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His Majesty's Police
Flag of His Majesty's Police redux.png
Ceremonial flag
MottoTo protect all
Agency overview
Employees2 (2021)
Annual budget$120 (2019 est.)
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdictionIK
Governing bodyCity council of Uvenia, Monarch

Officers1 (2021)
Agency executives

His Majesty's Police (HMP) is the law enforcement agency of the Kingdom of Ikonia, under the jurisdiction of the City Council of Uvenia, It is the first and largest police department in Ikonia. It was formed in 2019. It has undergone rank and flag changes since it's development.


The current structure of His Majesty's Police is that the King may appoint a Chief of Police and Chief of Detectives, these roles supervise the main heading of the agency, and can swear in new officers.

The current Chief of Police office is Nick Fisher, who succeeded the Duke of Crystal.

The current Chief of Detectives office is vacant, as no one by the police force is capable


These ranks are outdated. (2021)

Title Insignia Notes
IK-O10 insignia.svg
Appointed by the King of Ikonia, Highest rank
IK-O9 insignia.svg
Superintendents are usually in charge of cities and dominions
IK-08 insignia.svg
Commanders are typically in charge of a town.
IK-03 insignia.svg
Captains are typically Deputy Officers of towns.
IK-O2 insignia.svg
IK-01 insignia.svg
Police officer
IK-00 insignia.svg
Police officers are the first ranking officers. They are dispatched radio assignments, conduct patrol, and respond to other emergencies as needed.


As a recognition of service for police officers' tenures in the force, the Ikonian monarch frequently grants the King's Police Medal on retiring servicemen of the force.