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—  Duchy of Austenasia  —
The arms of Taysha.
The arms of Taysha.
Country  Empire of Austenasia
Region Northern Austenasia
Founded 19 January 2020
 - Landed Noble Lord William Wilson, Duke of Taysha
 - Total 11
Time zone UTC-6 (UTC-7 in Ellisseum Colorandum)

The Duchy of Taysha is an administrative division within the Empire of Austenasia composed of several properties which are primarily enclaves of the U.S. state of Texas. The Duchy is one of several within the Region of Northern Austenasia.


The name Taysha is derived from the Caddo word táyshaʼ (/tʼajʃaʔ/) meaning "friend". This word was applied, in the spelling Tejas or Texas, by the Spanish to the Caddo themselves, specifically the Hasinai Confederacy, with the final -s representing the Spanish plural. It was from this word that the current English name of the U.S. state of Texas was therefore derived; upon Austenasia annexing claims in this area, it was decided to use a name closer to the original Native American word out of respect for the region's Pre-Columbian inhabitants and history.

History and geography

Map of the provinces within Taysha.
  Alto Borealis

Taysha contains three provinces: Oribrazos and Occibrazos, named for their comprising claims situated either east or west respectively of the Brazos River, and Alto Borealis (the "high north"), which contains a land claim north of the Texas state border. Oribrazos contains the Towns of Nahona and North Nahona, Occibrazos contains the Town of Procyon, and Alto Borealis contains the Territory of Elliessium Colorandum. Campo de Jonatán, associated with Nahona, is included within the Duchy but, as a March, is not considered part of a Province.

Taysha was founded on 19 January 2020 with the passage of the Nahona Act 2020, which founded the Town of Nahona and the Province of Oribrazos. The Province of Occibrazos was added on 20 July 2020 to contain Florencium Carolina (the land claim associated with this Territory "migrated" out of the Duchy in March 2023). Campo de Jonatán was added directly to the Duchy on 1 August, and Alto Borealis was founded alongside Elliessium Colorandum on 19 October later that year.

The two towns within Oribrazos each consist of two non-contiguous properties. They, together with Campo de Jonatán, run along a roughly 18-mile long north-west to south-east axis traversing the Robertson and Brazos counties. Procyon is bordered by the outskirts of Killeen, just over 70 miles to the west, and is situated 6.3 miles north-east of Florencium Carolina. Elliessium Colorandum is not bordered by Texas but by Colorado, albeit in an area formerly claimed by the Republic of Texas.


The arms of the duchy were created by Lord William on 3 June 2020. The arms are divided per pale, or in half vertically, displaying the arms of the kingdoms which contributed to the colonization of Texas. In dexter (left):

Quarterly, I Gules, a three towered castle Or, masoned Sable and ajouré Azure (for Castille), II Argent, a lion rampant Purpure crowned Or, langued and armed Gules (for Leon), III Or, four pallets Gules (for Aragon), IV Gules, a cross, saltire and orle of chains linked together Or, a center point Vert (for Navarre), overall an inescutcheon Argent, a pomegranate proper seeded Gules, supported, sculpted and leafed in two leaves Vert (for Granada)

In sinister (right):

Azure semy-de-lis Or (for France)