2021 New Virginian general election

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2021 New Virginian general election

← 2020 7 February 2021 TBD →

All 13 seats in the House of Burgesses
  First party Second party
Candidate Dame Sophia Albina Sir Bradley van Dullahan
Party Free Democratic Party (New Virginia) National Party
Leader since 18 December 2020 15 October 2020
Leader's seat New Franklin-at-large Helinium
Seats before 4 4
Seats won 7 6
Seat change 3 2
Popular vote 122 78
Percentage 49.59% 31.71%

  Third party Fourth party
Candidate James Frisch N/A
Party Alliance21/The Greens Independents
Leader since January 2021 January 2021
Leader's seat N/A N/A
Seats before 0 2
Seats won 0 0
Seat change - 2
Popular vote 41 4
Percentage 16.67% 1.63%
Swing New Party TBD

  Free Democrats (7)
  National Party (6)

Prime Minister before election

Dame Sophia Albina
Free Democratic Party (New Virginia)

Elected Prime Minister

Dame Sophia Albina
Free Democratic Party (New Virginia)

The 2021 New Virginia General Election was the second election to the House of Burgesses in New Virginia.


In August 2020, Dame Elizabeth Lewis became the Prime Minister of New Virginia, initially serving in an acting capacity in the Provisional Council of New Virginia prior to the 2020 election.[1][2]

Initially commanding a majority over the House of Burgesses under the Free Democratic Party (New Virginia) and a short-lived coalition with the New Virginian Patriotic League, the rise of the newly reformed National Party and the emergence of the Commonwealth Whigs diminished this and produced a hung parliament. Eryn Lewis resigned in December, leading to the House voting on a new Prime Minister. Due to the abstention of Leon Montan and the absence of Bainbridge, the vote resulted in an even tie. A re-vote ensued shortly, confirming Dame Sophia Albina as the new Prime Minister.[3][4] The Free Democrats also formed a new coalition with the Whigs, installing Thomas Bainbridge as Deputy Prime Minister.[4]

The governments majority however would remain at stake. Following the vacancy of a seat in New Franklin, a by-election was called in New Franklin.[5] In a run-up to the by-election however, a series of events would rock the Commonwealth. After a series of scandals, Bainbridge retired from politics and dissolved the Commonwealth Whigs, once again producing a hung parliament.[6][7] A vote was called in the House of Burgesses to call an early general election, which passed unanimously.[7]

Date of the election

President of New Virginia Brooklyn Hewitt issued a proclamation confirming the dissolution of parliament, and setting the date of election on 7 February. A period of political campaigning would ensue between 26 January and 6 February.[7] On the day of election, polls were open from midnight to 8pm Eastern Standard Time.[8]


Key dates[7]
Date Event
Saturday 16 January Passage of the motion to dissolved parliament in the House of Burgesses.
Sunday 17 January Parliament dissolved by President of New Virginia. Opening of nominations.
Saturday 23 January Nomination period closes.
Sunday 24 January Campaigning period begins.
Saturday 6 February Campaigning period ends.
Sunday 7 February Polling day – polls open 12am to 8pm.
Monday 8 February Results announced for all constituencies. First meeting of the House of Burgesses.

Contesting political parties and candidates

Most candidates were representatives of a political party. In the 2021 election, 21 candidates stood: 1 being an independent, the rest representing a political party.

Party Party leader(s) Leader since Leader's seat 2020 election Seats at
Contested seats
% of
Free Democratic Party Dame Sophia Albina December 2020 New Franklin at-large 55% 6 4 9 Seats
National Party Sir Bradley van Dullahan October 2020 Helinium 21.2% 2 4 8 Seats
Alliance 21/The Greens James Frisch January 2021 None New party 0 3 Seats

2020-2021 BPs standing under a different political affiliation

During the 1st Parliament, the burgess for the town of Augusta, Sir Riley Hewitt switched his political affiliation to that of the National Party, shortly after its reformation from the New Virginian Patriotic League. Sir Riley Kennedy was the only BP to switch political affiliation.

Christina Nowell, an independent non-burgess similarly switched affiliation over to the National Party, contesting for a New Franklin seat as opposed to Roanoke. She however failed to be elected, similarly to the 2020 election. Another non-burgess John Gordon switched affiliation from the Nationals to the Free Democrats a single day prior to the election.

Outgoing BP 2020 party 2020 constituency 2021 party 2021 constituency
Sir Riley Hewitt Independent Augusta Nationals Augusta

Withdrawn or disowned candidates

The following candidates withdrew from campaigning or had support from their party withdrawn after the close of nominations. None of these candidates were elected.

Candidate Party Constituency Reason for withdrawal Date
James Bornstein Alliance 21/The Greens Roanoke at-large Unknown February 2021


Campaign background

The Free Democratic Party and the National Party have been the two biggest political parties, with the Free Democrats having governed since the 2020 election, briefly holding a coalition with the New Virginian Patriotic League and later the Commonwealth Whig Party up until shortly prior to the dissolution of parliament.

During the 2020-2021 parliament, there were defections on all sides of the political spectrum. Independent burgess Sir Riley Hewitt would go to join the National Party in late-2020. Bainbridge would defect from the Free Democrats to form the Commonwealth Whig party, taking on two non-burgesses with him.[9] In January, the Whig party would split, with members joining the Nationals,[7] the Free Democrats and the newly formed Greens. John Gordon would defect from the Nationals to the Free Democrats shortly before the election.

Policy Positions


The Free Democrats supported the preservation and promotion of local cultures.[8] The Greens took a similar position, promoting multiculturalism on the basis of it being a founding principle of the commonwealth.[10]

In contrast, the Nationals wished to bind local cultures into a single unifying national culture, intending to create and appoint a dedicated Minister of Culture.[11] The policies of the nationals were criticised by the Free Democrats in a campaign statement, stating that "They want to strip our diverse cantons of their cultural autonomy. The Nationals even call our thriving local cultures a source of weakness".[12] Similarly, the greens stated their strict opposition to the notion of "cultural imperialism".[10]


The Free Democrats supported initiatives to help citizens start up businesses and circulate the uncia through a national currency exchange in order to build a "dynamic economy".[12]

The National Party supported the independence of the bank from the government. Additionally, they sought to remove restrictions that would "hurt economic growth".[11]

The Greens opted for a simple policy, promising to keep the structure of the bank the same unless necessary. They also promised to support worker co-operatives, except those involved in damaging the environment.[10]

Electoral Reform

The Nationals supported electoral reform, decrying the first past the post system used in the nation. The party supported the implementation of proportional representation within the at-large cantonal seats.[11] The Greens took a similar stance, promising to pass a bill to revamp the electoral system, alongside supporting direct democratic initiatives and referendi to give the citizenry an increased voice in New Virginia politics.[10]

Opinion polling

Adammic Online Broadcasting conducted an exit poll alongside their live election coverage, predicting the number of seats for each party.[8][13]

Parties Seats Change
Free Democratic Party 7 3
National Party 6 2
Alliance 21/The Greens 0 New party
Independent 0 2
Free Democrat 1 seat majority



7 6 0 0
Free Democrats Nationals Greens Independent

A summarised results of the parties that competed in the election is as follows:

Party Leader BPs Votes
Of total Of total
Free Democratic Party Dame Sophia Albina 7 &1000000000000005379999953.8%
7 / 13
122 49.59%
National Party Sir Bradley van Dullahan 6 &1000000000000004620000046.2%
6 / 13
78 31.71%
Alliance 21/The Greens James Frisch 0 &100000000000000000000000.0%
0 / 13
41 16.67%
Independent Sammy Pike-Hegar 0 &100000000000000000000000.0%
0 / 13
4 1.63%

Full results

e • d Results of the February 2021 general election to the House of Burgesses[8]
Political party Leader Candidates BPs Votes
Total Gained Lost Net Of total
Total Of total

Free Democratic Party

Dame Sophia Albina 9 7 2 1 1 53.8 122 49.59 -5.41
National Party Sir Bradley van Dullahan 8 6 2 0 2 42.2 78 31.71 +10.51

Alliance 21/The Greens

James Frisch 3 41 16.67 +16.67
Independent Sammy Pike-Hegar 1 4 1.63 -22.17
Vote share
Free Democratic Party
National Party
Alliance 21/The Greens
Parliamentary seats
Free Democratic Party
National Party
Alliance 21/The Greens


Cities and towns

Party Candidate Votes % ±%
National Party (New Virginia) Sir Riley Hewitt 3 100.0 0
Majority 3 100.0 0
Turnout 3 100.0 0
NP hold
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
National Party (New Virginia) Sir Bradley van Dullahan 2 100.0 N/A
Majority 2 100.0 N/A
Turnout 2 100.0 N/A
NP win
New Richmond
New Richmond
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Free Democratic Party (New Virginia) Sir Charles Kitchen 13 100.0 0
Majority 13 100.0 0
Turnout 13 100.0 0
FDP hold
San Scoglio
San Scoglio
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
National Party (New Virginia) Sir Edward Jacobs 4 100.0 0
Majority 4 100.0 0
Turnout 4 100.0 0
NP hold
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Free Democratic Party (New Virginia) Dame Elizabeth Lewis 11 100.0 0
Majority 11 100.0 0
Turnout 11 100.0 0
FDP hold


New Franklin
New Franklin
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Free Democratic Party (New Virginia) Dame Sophia Albina 19 16.8 -47.2
Free Democratic Party (New Virginia) Sir James Stewart 17 15 -12.4
Free Democratic Party (New Virginia) Leon Montan 16 14.2 -22.2
Free Democratic Party (New Virginia) Sir Simon White 15 13.3
Alliance 21/The Greens (New Virginia) James Frisch 14 12.4
Alliance 21/The Greens (New Virginia) Newton von Uberquie 12 11
National Party (New Virginia) Christina Nowell 9 8 -1
National Party (New Virginia) Varuna Sriraya 7 6.2
Independent Sammy Pike-Hegar 4 4
Majority 2 1.8 -14.1
Turnout 46 88.5 -11.5
FDP hold
FDP hold
FDP win
FDP win
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
National Party (New Virginia) Cristian Dobrev 19 17
Free Democratic Party (New Virginia) John Brown 19 17
National Party (New Virginia) Abrams Wiucki-Dunswed 17 15.2
National Party (New Virginia) Sertor Valentinus 17 15.2 -60.66
Alliance 21/The Greens (New Virginia) Daniel Hamilton 15 13.4
Free Democratic Party (New Virginia) John Gordon 13 11.6
Free Democratic Party (New Virginia) Matthew Xia 12 10.7
Majority 0 0 -6.8
Turnout 38 79.2 -20.8
NP hold
NP gain from [[Free Democrats|{{Template:Free Democrats/meta/shortname}}]]
NP win
FDP hold

Seats changing hands

During the general election, a single seat changed hands from the Free Democratic Party to the National Party.

Seats which changed allegiance

Free Democrats to Nationals (1)


  1. In the 2021 general election, the Roanoke at-large constituency was a multi-member constituency, represented by 4 BP's. Only one of these seats were won from the other party.


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