1st Parliament of New Virginia

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The 1st Parliament of New Virginia was the legislature of the Commonwealth of New Virginia following the 2020 general election to the House of Burgesses.

House of Burgesses composition (2020 and 2021)

This table shows the number of BPs in each party:

Affiliation Members
At 2020 election At dissolution Change
1 1 Steady
Registered political parties
Free Democratic Party 5 4 1
National Party[a] 2 4 2
  Independent 2 0 2
Total number of seats
10 10 Steady
Government majority
3 1 2

List of BPs elected in the general election

Constituency Member returned (2020) Notes
Augusta Sir Riley Hewitt (Ind) Seat win
Carolinia Sir William Wilson (FDP) Seat win
New Franklin Thomas Bainbridge (Ind) Seat win
Leon Montan (FDP) Seat win
New Richmond Charles Kitchen (FDP) Seat win
Roanoke James Stewart (FDP) Seat win
Chloe Chloris (FDP) Seat win
Bradley van Dullahan (NVPL) Seat win
San Scoglio Sir Edward Jacobs (NVPL) Seat win
Shoreline Dame Elizabeth Lewis (FDP) Seat win

Changes and by-elections


By-election Date Incumbent Party Winner Party Cause
New Franklin 29 October 2020 Thomas Bainbridge Independent Dame Sophia Albina FDP Called following a vacancy in the constituency, due to Bainbridge transferring to the newly formed North Watch municipality.
Roanoke 17 November 2020 Sir Bradley van Dullahan NP Sertor Valentinus NP Called following a vacancy in the constituency, due to Sir Bradley transferring to the newly formed Helinium municipality.

Defections and suspensions

Name Date From To Constituency Reason
Sir William Wilson 15 September 2020 Free Democrats Removed Carolinia Removed following the reorganisation of Carolinia as a territory, and respective redesignation as Governor of Carolinia.[1]
Thomas Bainbridge 14 October 2020 Independent Free Democrats North Watch Joined the Free Democrats.
Sir Riley Hewitt 22 October 2020 Independent Nationals Augusta Joined the National Party.
Thomas Bainbridge 19 December 2020 Free Democrats Whigs North Watch Defected to form Commonwealth Whigs.[2]
Chloe Chloris 30 December 2020 Free Democrats Removed New Franklin Removed by the President of New Virginia.[3]
Thomas Bainbridge 10 January 2021 Whigs Nationals North Watch Disbanded the Commonwealth Whigs.[4]


  1. Entered parliament as the New Virginian Patriotic League following the 2020 election, before reforming as the National Party in October 2020.


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