Provisional Council of New Virginia

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Provisional Council of the Commonwealth of New Virginia
Arms of New Virginia.png
TypeProvisional unicameral legislature
ChairmanSir Joseph Kennedy KNVI
since 11 February 2020
Members5 Provisional Councillors
Last election20 January 2020 (for New Richmond, Terentia and Augusta)
7 March 2020 (for Carolinia)
2 May 2020 (for San Scoglio)

The Provisional Council of the Commonwealth of New Virginia is the provisional government of New Virginia, exercising executive, legislative and judicial authority until a constitutional statute may be enacted. The Provisional Council is led by its Chairman, who is the head of state and government of the Commonwealth.

Every municipality is represented in the Provisional Council by a provisional councillor, elected by universal suffrage of the citizens within a municipality. Elections for provisional councillors are first-past-the-post, and provisional councillors serve indefinite terms. The first election for provisional councillors was held prior to secession on 20 January 2020 by direction of then Austenasian Minister for New Virginian Affairs Joseph Kennedy. Elections were later held in Carolinia and San Scoglio following their annexations.

Powers and duties

The Provisional Council is primarily tasked with laying the foundations of New Virginian statehood and eventually enacting a constitutional statute. The Provisional Council exercises its authority through the enactment of resolutions by a simple majority vote. Resolutions of the Provisional Council hold the authority of an act enacted by a standard legislature.

The Provisional Council collectively constitutes the executive and judicial authorities of the Commonwealth under the leadership of the Chairman. The Provisional Council may establish and oversee government ministries, and may collectively serve as the judge for any criminal or civil trial.


The Chairman of the Provisional Council is the head of state and head of government of New Virginia under the provisional government. The Chairman presides over sessions of the Provisional Council, directs the provisional government in its executive functions, serves as presiding judge for criminal and civil trials, and represents the Commonwealth at home and abroad. The first and incumbent Chairman is Sir Joseph Kennedy KNVI, the Provisional Councillor for New Richmond and a former leader of the New Virginian independence movement.


Portrait Name Constituency Other offices In office since
Sir Joseph.jpg Sir Joseph Kennedy KNVI New Richmond Chairman of the Provisional Council 11 February 2020
Lord Riley.jpg Sir Riley Kennedy KNVI Augusta 11 February 2020
Stealie.jpg Dame Eryn Lewis DNVI Terentia Minister of Defence 11 February 2020
William I 2012021.jpg Sir William Wilson KNVI Carolinia Home Secretary 31 March 2020 (acting until 7 April 2020)
San Scoglio Arms.png Sir Edward Jacobs KNVI San Scoglio First Ambassador 25 April 2020 (acting until 2 May 2020)