2020 New Virginian presidential election

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2020 New Virginian presidential election

1 August 2020 2021 →
Candidate Dame Vera Hewitt KNVI Sir William Wilson KNVI
Party Independent Independent
Home state Roanoke Roanoke
Electoral vote 4 1
Percentage 80% 20%

President before election

Dame Vera Hewitt DNVI
as Provisional Chairman

Elected President

Dame Vera Hewitt DNVI

The 2020 New Virginian Presidential Presidential election was the first presidential election within New Virginia. It was held on 1 August 2020 under the new constitution enacted on 31 July under the Provisional Council.

Under the Constitution, the President was elected by an Electoral College, then consisting of the government, all mayor's, governors and judges. Candidates were prohibited for campaigning in support of a political party.

Four electors cast their vote for Dame Vera Hewitt, electing her to the office of President. Sir William Wilson received one vote. Hewitt was inaugurated later that day.