Alliance 21/The Greens (New Virginia)

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Alliance 21/The Greens
Party LeaderJames Frisch
Founded11 January 2021
HeadquartersNew Franklin (unofficial)
Membership (2021)6
IdeologyGreen politics
Direct Democracy
Political positionNew Virginian Left
ColorsGreen, Gold, Red
House of Burgesses
1 / 13
1 / 6

Alliance 21/The Greens is a minor political party in the Commonwealth of New Virginia. Alliance21 is a party of the New Virginian Left, and promotes the development of Green Politics within the Commonwealth alongside expanding Democracy and providing practical solutions to issues. The party leader is James Frisch, and intends to stand candidates at the 2021 New Virginian general election.

Electoral performance

House of Burgesses
Election Leader Votes Seats Position Government
No. Share No. ± Share
2021 James Frisch 41 16.67%
0 / 13
Steady 0 0% 3rd Free Democratic