The New Virginian Herald

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The New Virginian Herald
NVHerald logo.png
TypeNews site
Owner(s)Commonwealth of New Virginia
Editor-in-chiefWilliam Wilson
Founded13 January 2020

The New Virginian Herald, colloquially referred to as The Herald, is a New Virginian independent periodic newspaper published on Wordpress. It was founded in January 2020 by Brooklyn Hewitt and Elizabeth Lewis to report on events regarding the secession of New Virginia from the Empire of Austenasia, with the eventual goal of becoming the new Commonwealth's leading newspaper.


The Herald was initially devised as a local newspaper for the Austenasian City of New Richmond and the Towns of Terentia and Augusta by Brooklyn Hewitt and Elizabeth Lewis in 2019, however the paper wasn't established until the Imperial Parliament enacted the New Virginia Act 2020 which granted New Virginia independence. The first article published by The Herald, "Hewitt orders election for Provisional Council of New Virginia", was published on 13 January 2020.