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The Cabinet of the Commonwealth of New Virginia, also known simply as the Cabinet, is the body of government ministers responsible for the executive administration and governance of the Commonwealth of New Virginia. The Cabinet consists of the Prime Minister and five government ministers, established either by the Constitution or Acts of Parliament. Government ministers are appointed by the President upon the advice of the Prime Minister, and are each responsible for the administration of a government ministry and its subordinate government agencies. Chapter V of the Constitution is dedicated to the Cabinet.[1] The Prime Minister is the head of government, appointed by the President upon the advice of the House of Burgesses. Ministers are styled "The Right Honourable", per Article 77 of the Constitution.[1] The Prime Minister oversees the work of the Cabinet and coordinates the work of the government ministers. Cabinet activities are to be reported to the House monthly,[2] but the rule is seldom enforced by the Speaker of the House; an amendment currently on the House floor would extend this mandate to semiannually.


The Cabinet was established on 20 May 2020 by the Cabinet Resolution 2020 of the Provisional Council as one of the only government bodies intended to continue after the dissolution of the provisional government. This Resolution officially divested "The Provisional Council…of its executive authority."[3] However, government ministries existed before the establishment of the Cabinet: the Ministry of Defence was established on 13 March 2020;[4] the Home Office, the Foreign Office, and the Treasury were all established on 12 May 2020. The same Resolution that established the latter three also established the National Security Council, a body which seats the First Ambassador and the Attorney General by statute.[5][6] The President of the Provisional Council served provisionally as both head of state and head of government until the enactment of the Constitution on 31 July 2020. Finally, the Ministry of Justice Act of 2020 established the Ministry of Justice on 3 September 2020.[6] The first four ministries, and their presiding officers, are codified by Article 85 of the Constituion.[1] The Ministry of Culture was a ministry proposed by Sertor Valentinus and Sir Bradley van Dullahan,[7] but it has since been tabled.

The Cabinet is based heavily on the Austenasian body of the same name, a clear reflection of New Virginia's Austenasian heritage. As such, it collectively exercises the supreme executive authority of the Commonwealth under the direction of the Prime Minister. Moreover, a number of presiding officers take their names from the Austenasian style, such as the Home Secretary, the First Ambassador, and the Chancellor of the Treasury. Additionally, the forms of spelling common in the British English predominant in Austenasia have taken hold in New Virgian law, as seen in the Ministry and Minister of Defence.

Current Cabinet

As of 17 February 2021, the Cabinet consists of the Prime Minister and five Cabinet ministers. Sir Simon White was appointed to the Chancellery by the Provisional Council; all other current ministers were appointed by President Dame Vera Hewitt at the advice of the Prime Minister at their time of appointment.

Office Portfolio Portrait Minister In office since
Minister of Defence Ministry of Defence File:Jamez.jpg The Rt. Hon. James Bornstein 10 January 2022
Home Secretary Home Office The Rt. Hon. James Frisch MSM 17 February 2021
First Ambassador Foreign Office File:Leon Montan in Tonopah, Nevada.jpg The Rt. Hon. Sir Leon Montan 5 September 2020
Prime Minister
Chancellor of the Treasury
Office of the Prime Minister
The Rt. Hon. Sir Simon White KCSM 3 April 2021 (as Prime Minister)
23 May 2020 (as Chancellor of the Treasury)
Attorney General Ministry of Justice The Rt. Hon. Senator Anthony Clark MSM 19 September 2020

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