North Watch

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North Watch
Town of Naveria
PXL 20201115 132455493.jpg
Flag of North Watch
Coat of arms of North Watch
NationFlag of Naveria.svg Naveria
Established15 October 2020
 • MayorThomas Bainbridge
 • Total2
Time zoneUCT-6

The Muncipal Viscounty of North Watch, known simply as North Watch is a town situated in Vinland Canton, Commonwealth of Naveria. It is geographically situated in Minnesota, United States of America.

Originally founded by New Virginia, the town was later annexed in January 2021 by Naveria following the town's founders departing from the republic.


The territory was annexed by the Commonwealth of New Virginia in October 2020, following the passage of the North Watch Act in the House of Burgesses.[1]

Founder Thomas Bainbridge would go on to serve as the town's first and only burgess in the New Virginian Parliament.

The town became engaged in controversy in January 2021, following alleged anonymous sources claiming the town was uninhabited and thus unconstitutional. Writing for the Nordale Voice, Prime Minister Dame Sophia Albina suggested that Bainbridge deliberately lied to the New Virginian parliament, citing recent and long-standing issues with Bainbridge in the MicroWiki community.[2] The Senate ruled on 18 January that the annexation of North Watch was unconstitutional.[3]

The Commonwealth of Naveria announced plans to annex the territory on 14 January following discussions with Bainbridge. A treaty was signed, with the Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall officially transferring the territory to Naverian control, and anointing both Thomas Bainbridge and Laura of Hrafnarfjall as noble viscounts governing the territory.[4]


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