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The War Council of the Empire of Austenasia is the body responsible for the command of the Austenasian Armed Forces during wartime. Before the enactment of the Armed Forces Act 2013 in late August 2013, it was a permanent body which only officially held command over the Austenasian Army, and was responsible for decisions such as the creation of units and the promotion of officers which are now made by the Monarch. The duty of the War Council is to direct operations of the Austenasian Army and the Imperial Air Force during wartime in line with government defence policy.

The War Council is comprised of the Monarch, Minister of Defence, Magister Militum, each holder of the rank of Dux, the Chief of Naval Operations, each holder of the rank of Vice Admiral, and the Air Chief Marshal. It currently consists therefore of Emperor Jonathan I, Lord Vice Admiral Eren Lewis, Lord Marshal William, Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy, and Air Chief Marshal Sir Ash Mitchell. The Monarch holds a deciding vote should the Council be unable to agree on an issue, and has the power to veto a decision made should they obtain the consent of the Prime Minister to do so.

While a "military HQ" of officers and advisors had grown up around Emperor Esmond III during the Austenasian Civil War, this was not an official body. However, it set a precedent for the War Council, which was founded on 13 January 2011 by Act 140 (Military Reform).