Campo Del Sol

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Campo Del Sol
Territory of Austenasia
Flag of Campo Del Sol
Established27 June 2019
 • GovernorJames Braidwood
 • Total0 km2 (0 sq mi)
 • Total0
Time zoneUTC-8

Campo Del Sol was an Austenasian territory bordering California and the Province of Citrus Grove of the Republic of Nordale. It was established on 27 June 2019 and dissolved exactly two years later, and was comprised of part of the garden of a residential property.

It was initially administered by its founder, Lady Sophia Albina, who claimed the land for Austenasia and was appointed its Governor by Parliament upon its annexation. Lady Albina resigned on 29 July 2020, and was replaced as Governor by James Braidwood on 10 August the following month.

June 2021 saw Albina advocate that New Virginia declare Austenasia an "enemy" and claim Campo Del Sol for itself, in a series of events that ultimately led to her being tried for treason. Recognising that a continued Austenasian claim to the territory was being used to strain relations with New Virginia, the Parliament of Austenasia passed an Act dissolving Campo Del Sol on 27 June, two years to the day that Albina claimed it for the Empire.

On 7 September 2021, Campo del Sol was claimed by the Republic of Nordale and established as a Territory.