Citrus Grove

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Citrus Grove
Province of the Republic of Nordale
EstablishedPrarial 227 (French Republican date)
Gregorian calendar date June 2019 <note>
 • GovernorCitizen-Premier Sophia Albina

Citrus Grove is a Province of the Republic of Nordale located in the southwestern region of North America. The land which now makes up the Province was originally a part of the United States of America and seceded as a part of the Republic in early Prarial of 227 (June 2019).

Citrus Grove was the first territory of the Republic of Nordale, and was the place where its Constitution was drafted and from where its independence was declared from the US. While the Province is the de jure capital of Nordale according to the Constitution, it has not been the location of the seat of government since mid-Vendémiaire of 228 (October 2019).


The Province of Citrus Grove is located in the California Central Valley, most of which is controlled by the American State of California. It shares half of its borders with the US and is bordered by the Austenasian Territory of Campo Del Sol in the southwest.