Ikonia Post

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Ikonia Post
The official logo of the Ikonia Post based off the New York Post
Format Online
Type News website
Founded 30 November 2018
Political allegiance Monarchist Party of Ikonia
Language(s) English
Motto Read the royalty
Published on Wordpress (link)
Distributed in Internationally (focused on Ikonia)
Editor HM King Cameron

The Ikonia Post is an Ikonian periodic newspaper published on Wordpress. It is the only major source of news which focuses on Ikonia.


The Ikonia Post was founded on 30 November 2018 by Cameron Koehler, King of Ikonia, the logo is the same font of the New York Post, which was created by Alexander Hamilton, the political allegiance follows the same federalist absolutist party of Ikonia, the Monarchist Party of Ikonia.

The Ikonia Post is privately owned by its creator the King, who writes and publishes its articles in his capacity as its editor. The first article published was about the creation of the Post.