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Flag of Accentra Ikonian:πχῖχῖkòiorlorπ
Administrative centerUvenia, Ikonia
GovernmentEnvironmental non-profit agency under an avidist council
• Missionar
Cameron I
• Collective Council President
• Royally ruled in
14 January 2019
• Missionar dissolvement
6 September 2020

The Missionar and Collective Council of Accentra, more commonly shortened as Accentra, is a collective body of micronations with the goal to end pollution and support the world environmentally. It also exists as a platform to aid in the formation of micronational environment agencies, and to develop members and their nations into more resourceful and non-wasteful. It was ruled in by Cameron I on 14 January 2019. It was dissolved finally on 6 September 2020 officially under the Missionar's ruling.

The Collective Council of Accentra acted like a parliament and hosted "missions" to try and establish more environmentally-friendly resources in their foreign country.