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DeBruinism is a modern monotheistic religion, and is the official religion of the Kingdom of Rmhoania.


In Rmhonia, DeBruinism is seen as the all-holy religion. Believers believe that long ago, a Saint was born on Christmas Day, Megan DeBruin. Known as DeBruin, she taught life, pain, death, and how life is worth living. DeBruinists also believe truth is eternal. DeBruinists seek the path of DeBruin, to reach a state of enlightenment and all knowing. Meditation is important in DeBruinist culture, making up at least 5 minutes a day in every DeBruinists life. The two queens, Mecca I and Reagan I meditate before performances using a pedometre.

Views of DeBruinism in other micronations

Micronation Category Legality
 Rmhoania Religion Legal
 Quebec Cult Illegal
 Ikonia Religion Legal (under circumstances)[1]


  1. Religion Ruling 2-8-2019. Abrams I