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Kingdom of Rmhoania
Kingdom of Romonia (Baustralian English)
Flag of Kingdom of Rmhoania Kingdom of Romonia (Baustralian English) ᚱᛡᚳᛖᚾᛗ᛫ᚱᛰᛗᛰᛖᛐᛟ(Baustralian)
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• Monarchs
Reagan I
Independence from Baustralia
• Declaration of Independence
21 November 2018
• Joined into Baustralia
12 September 2019
• Estimate
RIS 002 codeRR
Preceded by
Succeeded by

The Kingdom of Rmhoania was a short lived self-proclaimed independent country, founded from Baustralia. It was an absolute monarchy governed by Her Majesty Reagan I.


The Kingdom of Rmhonia was, with the Kingdom of Eureka, at war against Baustralia and her allies. The war was declared on 6 June 2019. With lots of discussions, the war was finally initiated to defend a smaller nation from destruction. It was deplorable that a much larger nation would like to squash a small, upstart region.

Upon the signing of the Treaty of Brighton by Baustralia and Eureka, the nation was at war against Baustralia, Eureka, and the Kingdom of Quebec. The Treaty of Trent was signed on 3 September 2019 causing the two nations to be at a state of peace once again.



The independence from Baustralia was brought about when the Queens had created the Romonian Conquest hoax where a communist party was planning on sending troops into Baustralia in an attempt to occupy through means of assassination. This caused great alarm to the King, promoting Reagan to Admiral of the Fleet, and Mecca to Admiral, as well as appointing them as Imperial Allied Commander, and Imperial Allied Vice Commander respectively.

John later found out that this was a hoax, and demoted them to Chief petty officers. Later, they offered Imari in exchange for their commissions. They were recommissioned, but barred from being flag officers. They then presented their plan to John to separate, and he replied stating that the constitution states that they must host a referendum, and receive a 75% in favour of independence.

The first vote was invalidated by the crown, because they presented a 100% vote, stating that there are two citizens of the Province of London, to which John replied that the census says there was 4. They then went to the next person on the census, who voted in favour of staying in Baustralia. After two days, the fourth person said yes, effectively declaring independence.

The crown of Baustralia wrote the Treaty of Trent which acted as formal recognition of the kingdom, which was signed by John I of Baustralia, his Chaplain general, Rear admiral Smith, and the two queens of Rmhoania.

Baustralian citizenship

In 2017, Reagan and Mecca joined Baustralia. It offered them an opportunity to learn how to be royalty. Mecca's final post for the crown as Head of the Kingdom's Internal Secret Service, and attained the rank of Commander, HRN. Reagan's last post for the crown was Canine Handler General, and attained the rank of Captain, HRN. These positions were close to the monarch, and gave them the knowledge on how to be royal. After the Romonian conquest, they had decided that they had learned enough of the royal life to provide for Rmhoania, and then went forward with their plan to succeed.

Defection of Mecca I

In 2019, the Baustralian Monarch offered the Thompsonic Monarch of Rmhoania the rank of Admiral of the Fleet in exchange for her defection from Rmhoania. On 10 September 2019, she agreed and became Admiral of the Fleet Lady Mecca Diane Thompson LG KSM ADC(P) MP HRN, Secretary of State for the Secret Service. She was never given the rank but did become Air Marshal and Deputy Chief of the Air Staff.


After 9 months and 22 days, Rmhoania was dissolved and returned to Baustralia by Reagan I in exchange for the positions of HM Personal Trainer and leader of the Royal Gymnastic Society. It is now a province of Baustralia under the historic name of London.

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