2018 Rmhoanian referendum

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Rmhoanian referendum, 2018
Do you want the province London to become an independent state named Rmhoania?
LocationBaustralia London, Baustralia
Date18–21 November 2018
Votes %
Yes 3 &1000000000000007500000075.00%
No 1 &1000000000000002500000025.00%
Valid votes 4 &10000000000000100000000100.00%
Invalid or blank votes 0 &100000000000000000000000.00%
Total votes 4 100.00%

The Rmhoanian referendum, or the Romonian referendum as written in Baustralian documents, was an independence referendum to separate from Baustralia. After the vote, the Crown said in a letter close that the Crown and its ministers accepted the independence. This was formalized by the 2 John 1 c. 14 (Rmhoania Act), passed in 2019.

The referendum had consisted of two votes, the first of which was declared illegal by the Crown after it was found that the two leaders, later co-monarchs of Rmhoania, had only asked those who wanted to separate, rather than all. A second vote was held and resulted in 3 people saying yes, and one saying no.


One week later, the two co-monarchs had received word from the King that on the advice of his ministers, he would accept the independence of London and subsequentially recognize the Diarchy of Rmhoania.

For the Baustralian Armed Forces, a statement was released in John's capacity as Commander in Chief that citizens of the Empire and citizens of Rmhoania would be allowed to serve in the Armed Forces. The co-monarchs and the sole no-voter serve as members in the Baustralian Armed Forces.