HMS Imari (S7)

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Bayfield 32, Spindrift, same ship as HMS Imari
Bayfield 32, Spindrift, same ship as HMS Imari
Name HMS Imari
Commissioned 12 June 2018
Decommisioned 8 Febuary 2020
Identification Pennant number: S7
ICS Bravo.svgICS Uniform.svgICS Sierra.svgICS Pennant Seven.svg
Badge Crest of HMS Imari.svg
Class Imari-class sloop

HMS Imari was the lead ship of the Imari class. It has zero strength and is set to be transferred to the Rmhoanian crown. Originally commissioned by John I after being donated by Captain Greenson and Commander Thompson, it was never given back upon their independace. A transfer has been filed to the Rmhoanian crown as TMRS Hankey Squidward (R3) on 21 June 2019 but the Kingdom was dissolved before. It was paid off, and decomissioned on 8 Febuary 2020, after it was sold a half-month prior.

Commanding officers

  • Cdr Mecca Thompson (2018–2019)
  • Ship in abeyance