Administrative divisions of Baustralia

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Baustralia is divided into provinces. Currently, there are ten provinces.


Arms Province Postal
Capital Population Seats
Commons Lords
Shield of arms of Holderton, Baustralia.svg  Holderton BU-HD Holderton County 63 1 5
Shield of Mild Pond.svg  Mild Pond BU-MP Wabasso 5 1 1
Shield of arms of Wooler, Baustralia.svg  Wooler BU-WL Greystone County 9 1 1
Shield of arms of Daytona, Baustralia.svg  Daytona BU-DT Daytona 4 1 0
Dynexistan BU-DY Dynexistan 1 1[a] 0
Shield of arms of Flavora, Baustralia.svg  Flavora BU-FL Flavora City 4 1 0
Shield of arms of Paradisium, Baustralia.svg  Paradisium BU-PD Paradisium 4 1 0
Shield of arms of Landspotter, Baustralia.svg  Landspotter BU-LS Landspotter 6 3 0
Shield of arms of New Texas, Baustralia.svg  New Texas BU-NT New Texas 8 2 1
Shield of arms of Nova, Baustralia.svg  Nova BU-NO Nova 4 1[a] 0
Royal shield of arms of Baustralia.svg  Baustralia BU Cascadia 108 12 8
  1. 1.0 1.1 Dynexistan holds an amalgamated seat with Nova.