Ikonian Crown Dependency

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Alpha, the first North American Crown Dependency of Ikonia

An Ikonian Crown Dependency is a type of division of the Kingdom of Ikonia, locally administered by a Governing Commissioner or Representative. In accordance with the Kingdom of Ikonia ruling, "Crown Dependencies are territories while under Ikonian sovereignty and an integral part of the Kingdom, are administered directly by the Monarch or a representative of the Monarch.[1]

Although Crown Dependencies are under Ikonia sovereignty, they do not get taxed or represented in the whole government.

Crown Dependencies are therefore in practice ruled by their Representatives independently of the central Ikonian government, although they are under the Kingdom's sovereignty and have no independent foreign or military policy.

Crown Dependencies can have permanent residents or not have any. If they do, the residents are counted only as Ikonian residents and count towards the population.

At present, there are two Crown Dependencies. In chronological order of joining the Kingdom, these are Alpha and Pasteque.


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