Kapresh Indies

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Flag of Kapresh Indies Spanish:Kapresh Antillas
Top: Territory flag
Bottom: Official flag
Coat of arms
Motto: Together in unity
Location of Kapresh Indies Spanish:Kapresh Antillas
and largest city
San Julio
Official languagesEnglish, Spanish
Jack Allahbarism
GovernmentTerritorial unitary presidential republic
• President
Jack Morris
• Governor
Aidan McGrath (Claimed by President, still under vote by Congress)
• Independence from the United States
20 April 2019
• Total
57.147 km2 (22.065 sq mi)
Driving sideright

The Kapresh Indies, commonly known in Spanish as the Kapresh Antillas, is an incorporated and organized territory of the Republic of Kapreburg. It was formed along with the Dominion of the Caribbean, and the Québécois Virgin Islands. The Kapresh Indies currently lay claim on two islands in Puerto Rico, the Isla de Mona, and Monito Island. The capital, San Julio, is based on the Isla de Mona.