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The History of Ikonia refers to the history of the Kingdom of Ikonia and the land it currently consists of. A house in Florida, now known as Uvenia, declared independence from the United States of Florida in 2018 as the Kingdom of Ikonia. Since then, dozens of people from around the world have claimed their properties for the Empire, expanding its presence around the world.

Reign of Cameron I

Main points

The Kingdom of Ikonia was founded by Cameron I on 19 October 2018 after showing interest in a video about micronation Molossia, Cameron believed having a micronation would benefit himself and his family, and wrote the Declaration of Independence[1] on 19 October 2018.

Era of Foundation

The Era of Foundation is dated to begin on 19 October 2018, the day when the Kingdom of Ikonia declared independence from the United States as the Kingdom of Ikonia. HM Cameron I proclaimed himself the nation's first Monarch, and his brother, Troy Koehler was appointed to the Treasury Of Ikonia. The King of Ikonia then wrote basic acts for the treasury, created ministries and so forth. On Friday 7 December 2018, Ikonia's letter of micronations and declaring themselves as a nation was sent to the governor of Florida, Rick Scott.

Diplomatic Era

The Diplomatic Era is dated to begin on 27 December 2018, with the Diplomatic Recognition Ruling being enacted.[2] This caused all treaties and recognition from the Kingdom of Ikonia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to become null and disaffective.

The first micronation they restarted relations with is the Catholique Socialist Republic, which the President of, Aidan McGrath, was awarded the Order of the Diaconus.

They also recognized the GUM members unilaterally, on 17 January 2019.

The Ikonian government later published a social media press letter regarding policy on how Ikonian social media accounts shall be run on 21 February 2019.[3]

Territorial Era

The Territorial Era is dated to begin after the demonarchization of Kapreburg on 5 April 2019, this led to the creation of the Kapresh Indies, territory for Kapreburg, Aidan I and Cameron I both helped in making. This later caused Cameron to take more land for himself and the Kingdom, creating the Dominion of the Caribbean, the Dominion of Blake, and Orange County, Uvenia. State-owned companies could now rule territory, given the King approves it. The Ikonian Empire was later revived after being defunct for 3 months on 28 April 2019. A list of all the territorial changes in Ikonia were listed in a news article published by the Ikonia Post.[4]


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