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Royal coat of arms of Ikonia

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Royal coat of arms
of the Kingdom of Ikonia
Royal coat of arms of Ikonia.svg
Shield of arms of the Ikonian Monarch.svg
Lesser arms of Ikonia, as seen on medals and decorations
ArmigerAbrams I in Right of the Kingdom of Ikonia
CrestUpon the helm, a royal crown proper; mantled Or doubled Ermine
EscutcheonQuarterly, the 1st Argent a sun carréed Azure, the 2nd, Azure, a lion rampant Argent, the 3rd Azure, a crown upon a wreath Argent, the 4th, Argent, a saltire Azure.
SupportersOn the dexter an angel proper. On the sinister a lion rampant guardant royally crowned proper
MottoFrench: Libertie pour Ikonie (Liberty for Ikonia)
OrdersOrder of the Diaconus
The banner of arms, which serves as a royal standard.
The royal ensign and battle flag, which serves usage by the King only.

The royal coat of arms of Kingdom of Ikonia, or the royal arms for short, is the official coat of arms of the Ikonian monarch, presently King Abrams I. These arms are used by the King in his official capacity as monarch of Ikonia. Variants of the royal arms are used by other members of the Ikonian royal family, by the Ikonian Government (where applicable) in connection with the administration and government of the country, and some courts and legislatures inside the micronation. The arms in banner form serve as basis for the monarch's official flag, the Royal Standard.

In the standard great variant, the shield is quartered, depicting in the first quarter a squared sun to represent the Monarchist Party of Ikonia; in the second, the rampant lion; in the third the branches and crown from the flag; and finally in the fourth, a saltire to represent the second established province in Ikonia, Flozert. The dexter supporter is a likewise Angel to represent the French heritage; and the sinister, a crowned lion.

This armorial achievement comprises the motto, in French, of all Ikonian monarchs, Libertie pour Ikonie (Liberty for Ikonia), which has descended to be the official motto of the micronation as well. The Diaconus circlet which surrounds the shield, is also inscribed with the Order's motto, in Latin, IKONIA•LIBERTATEM (Liberty for Ikonia). The official blazon of the royal arms is:

Quarterly, 1st Argent a sun carréed Azure, the 2nd, Azure a lion rampant Argent, the 3rd Azure a crown surmounted upon a wreath Argent, the 4th, Argent a saltire Azure, the whole surrounded by the Diaconus; mantling Or doubled Ermine issuant from the Royal Crown; for supporters, dexter an Angel proper, sinister a lion rampant guardant Or royally crowned proper. Motto "LIBERTIE POUR IKONIE" in the compartment below the shield


The royal arms may only be used by the King himself, though, they also appear in courtrooms since the monarch has absolute judicial authority in the Kingdom, the Royal Residence as it is in the presence of the Monarch, and royally charted corporation headquarters (only if the Monarch is present, the corporation must use their corporate arms or logo otherwise). As the Kingdom is governed in the monarch's name, the Ikonian Government also uses the royal arms as a national symbol of the Kingdom, and in that capacity, the coat of arms can be seen on several government documents, acts, forms, and passports. However, when used by the government and not by the monarch personally, the coat of arms will never be applied without royal assent, and shall use the Great Seal of Ikonia instead.

The royal arms have regularly appeared on the banknotes of Ikonia since 2019. In 2020, a new series of designs for all six banknotes were released, which use a holographic emblazonment of the royal arms as a security measure. The series was approved by the Minister of Treasury, the Duke of Nikodemia. The monarch can regularly grant Royal assent and coat of arms to businesses and companies which supply the Royal Residence or the Monarchy with goods or services; these entities are entitled to display the royal arms next to their corporate arms on their packaging and stationery by way of advertising.

It is customary (but not mandatory) for churches throughout Ikonia to display the royal arms to show loyalty to the Crown. Since there are no churches built in Ikonia, however, the Monarch usually substitutes the Flag of Ikonia. A banner of the royal arms, known as the Royal Standard of Ikonia, is flown from the royal palaces when the monarch is in residence. The Royal Residence being his principal abode; and from public buildings only when the monarch is present. When the monarch is not in residence, the flag is flown.

The royal arms are commonly used by goverrnment members as letterheads.


The current royal arms are a combination of the symbols that represent and make up the Kingdom of Ikonia, and can be traced back to the first arms the King ever adopted.

Previous arms
Arms Dates Details
IKONcoatrans.png 19 October 2018 - 2 November 2018 First ever design of the coat of arms, based on Westarctica
IKONcoanew2.png 2 November 2018 - 6 January 2019 Second design, based on a German coat of arms
Royal coat of arms of Ikonia.svg 6 January 2019 – present Current design, incorporates the lion, saltire for Flozert, the flag, and the squared sun for the Monarchist Party of Ikonia.

Other variants of the arms are also included in appointments or territories the Sovereign ruled over.


The version used by the Ikonian government on documents
The Great Seal used by the Ikonian government on documents

Various versions of the royal arms are used by His Majesty's Royal Government in Ikonia, the Privy Council of Ikonia and courts throughout the Kingdom.

The royal arms are subject to the King. If he was not present for a document passing, the issuer must use the Great Seal of Ikonia rather than the arms. Various courts including the one headed by the Supreme Judge of Ikonia also continue to use the royal arms as the King is the forefront of judicial and executive power inside the Kingdom.


Royal arms
Quarterly I Argent a sun carréed Azure
Quarterly II Azure, a lion rampant Argent
Quarterly III Azure, a crown upon a wreath Argent
Quarterly IV Argent, a saltire Azure
Surrounded by The Diaconus circlet
Crest Upon the Royal helm the royal crown Proper
Supporters Dexter an angel proper, Sinister a lion rampant gardant Or royally crowned Proper
Motto Libertie pour Ikonie (French)
Order Motto Diaconus: IKONIE LIBERTATEM (French)