Territorial Era (Ikonia)

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Territorial Era
5 April 2019 – present
IncludingAnnexation of various land
Monarch(s)Abrams I
Leader(s)Government officials, notably Angel Davila, Julio Matos, and Logan Rock

The Territorial era is the period within Ikonian history, coinciding with the reign of Abrams I and includes the annexation of various islands, lands, and the revival of the Ikonian Empire.


Various islands in Lake Michigan and the Pacific ocean were gifted to the Kingdom of Ikonia from the Kingdom of Quebec as a "thank you" note for all the work Cameron did for the Quebecois monarch, Aidan I. Aidan later honoured Cameron with the Most Notable Order of the King in which a ceremony was held on 4 May 2019. The islands gifted to Ikonia later became Ikonian Overseas Territories. The islands of Baker Island and Whiskey Islands were taken under the Kingdom of Ikonia through acts.[1][2]

HMAF Antonio, the first ever air force and military training base for armed forces personnel was setup by Pilot officer Angel Davila after the revamp of His Majesty's Air Force. This caused the Chief of the General Staff, Saba Bagheri the need to enlist more personnel into the army. Deshawn Troche, an honorary citizen of the Kingdom of Ikonia, was later enlisted as a Cadet. It is stated that Trosche is to rank up until he is at General, and then retire through a resignation letter, and or discharge.

Several dominions were taken under the wing of the sovereign of Ikonia, most notably, the Dominion of the Caribbean claimed 5 separate pieces of land in the Caribbean to create 5 states inside the Dominion. Another dominion, the Dominion of Westside claimed a cell-tower operated by Construction workers weekly, and several pieces of land inside the Westside K-8 School.

Lake Mongoose, the first ever lake to be claimed in Ikonia was founded for the Kingdom. It is the only piece of land in Ikonia that does not have a definite de jure leader. The flag of the Dominion that the Lake was based in, the Dominion of Blake, caused controversy in the Kingdom as it was seen as a Soviet Union/communist-like flag. A referendum was later held, with only 5 members of government voting, all in favor of the new flag.

As a realization of all the land the Kingdom was acquiring, Cameron made a collective decision to gift the land of the Dominion of Cloverton to Aidan I, as Aidan was closer to the land, and could control it better. It is now stated that Cloverton is an unorganized territory of Quebec.