HMAF Antonio

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His Majesty's Air Force Station Antonio
Flag of His Majesty's Air Force (Ikonia) December 2020.svg Roundel of HMAF Antonio new.svg
Located in Âme
Photograph of Station Antonio.png
A photograph of HMAF Antonio in May 2019
TypeMilitary airfield
Site information
Controlled byHis Majesty's Air Force
Open to
the public
No, armed forces personnel only
Site history
Built byGovernment of Ikonia
In use2019-present
MaterialsPlastic pole, cement
Garrison information
OccupantsNone claimed

HMAF Antonio is a military base for training of personnel in the Armed Forces of Ikonia, commanded by Squadron leader Angel Davila. The airfield takes up majority of Davila's backyard, as about 90% of land is the base. It is the first military base, and controlled by His Majesty's Air Force as a whole.

Opened in 2019, it became the first base for Ikonian military personnel. Another one was later claimed for the Kingdom, by JAFO Logan Rock.