Most Notable Order of the King

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Most Notable Order of the King
Most Notable Order of the King.svg
Ribbon bar
Awarded by the
Royal arms of the Kingdom of Quebec.svg
King of Quebec
TypeMerit award
Awarded forFor those who have helped greatly with the Kingdom
StatusCurrently awarded
SovereignHM King Aidan I
First induction4 May 2019
Last induction4 May 2019
Total inductees2

The Most Notable Order of the King is a order in the Kingdom of Quebec founded by the King Aidan I on 4 May 2019 to recognize any citizen who has contributed to helping the Kingdom, whether it be foreign or not.


The member, upon appointing, may wear the medal on their dress and or shirt.


The Order is considered an honourable and personal gift from the sovereign.


Name Date of appointment Present age Rank
Royal Standard of Aidan McGrath as Duke of Limiport.svg The King Sovereign since 4 May 2019 18 Sovereign
Royal Standard of Ikonia.svg The King of Ikonia 4 May 2019 14 Knight